Product Comparison


SP 150 vs SP 3000 vs SP 6500

Mars Hydro SP 150

SP 150

Mars Hydro SP 3000

SP 3000

Mars Hydro SP 6500

SP 6500

Diodes BridgeLux
322 pcs
Samsung LM301B
960 pcs
Samsung LM301B
2376 pcs
Wattage 135W¬Ī5% 300W¬Ī5% 650W¬Ī5%
PPE 2.0őľmol/j 2.8őľmol/j 2.8őľmol/j
PPF 279umol/S 824umol/S 1819umol/S
Coverage 1.5ft*1.5ftÔľąCore CoverageÔľČ

2ft*2ftÔľąMax CoverageÔľČ
4ft*2ftÔľąCore CoverageÔľČ

5ft*3ftÔľąMax CoverageÔľČ
5ft*3ftÔľąCore CoverageÔľČ

5ft*4ftÔľąMax CoverageÔľČ
Dimming - 0-100% 0-100%
Dimension 598*80*49.5 mm

1.92 KG
1080*80*103 mm

4.6 KG
1073*90*92 mm

7.87 KG
Warranty Up to 5 years Up to 5 years Up to 5 years
Recommended Pairing 4-Inch iFresh Smart Fan

60x60x140cm Grow Tent
4-Inch iFresh Smart Fan

120x60x180cm Grow Tent
6-Inch iFresh Smart Fan

150x150x200cm Grow Tent
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Mars Hydro SP 3000 Led Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum Samsung LM301B Indoor Plants
Meet the Mars Hydro SP3000, a powerful and efficient strip LED grow light designed to unlock the full potential of your garden. With high-quality Samsung LM301B chips and an enhanced broad spectrum that includes boosted red light, this grow light is the perfect choice for greenhouses, whether as supplemental lighting or as the primary source.Wattage - 300wVeg Coverage - 3x5 ftFlower Coverage - 2x4 ftFeaturing a thick aluminum passive heat sink and densely arranged chips, the SP Series provides high efficacy but low heat output while minimizing obstruction to natural light. Unmatched Efficiency LED Grow Lights Equipped with 960 Samsung LM301B diodes and a power input of 300w, the SP3000 outshines traditional HPS lights by saving 25% of electrical power while increasing light intensity by a staggering 30%. This means...
$509.99 $459.99
Mars Hydro SP 150 Led Grow Light 140W Full Spectrum Strip Hydroponics Panel Indoor Plants High Yield
Meet the Mars Hydro SP150, a small yet mighty single-bar LED grow light that offers an optimal lighting solution for a wide range of home-grown vegetables, lettuce, succulents, weed clones, and more. Its compact size enables versatile placement in various home scenarios, including tables, cabinets, plant shelves, and even as a supplemental corner light. Enjoy healthy and vibrant plants with ease and convenience.Wattage - 140wVeg Coverage - 2x2 ftFlower Coverage - 1.5x1.5 ftFeaturing a thick aluminum passive heat sink and densely arranged chips, the entire SP Series provides high efficacy but low heat output while minimizing obstruction to natural light.   Unparalleled Efficient LED Grow Lights With 322 pcs@120V (360 pcs@240V) diodes and consuming only 140w of electrical power, the SP150 LED Grow Lights provide a remarkable PPF output that matches a 250w HPS light, all while reducing your...
Mars Hydro SP 6500 650W Led Grow Light Samsung Osram 660nm Commercial Greenhouse Growing
Meet the Mars Hydro SP6500, a powerhouse among single bar LED grow lights. With top-quality Samsung LM301B diodes and an enhanced red broad-spectrum light, it delivers the highest central PPF and offers superior penetration. Designed for high-wire plants and greenhouses,...

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The Top 6 Benefits of Using Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Your Plants

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