Mars Hydro SP 3000 Led Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum Samsung LM301B Indoor Plants
High Efficiency LED Grow Lights: Samsung LM301B diodes and 300w power input make the SP3000 the superior high-efficiency LED grow lights, saving 25% of power and increasing light intensity by 30% over the HPS. Leading Efficacy And Good Penetration In Industry: Output 824umol/S PPF in total, SP3000 provides industry-leading efficacy 2.8 umol/j and amazing light penetration, extending light to...
Mars Hydro SP 150 Led Grow Light 140W Full Spectrum Strip Hydroponics Panel Indoor Plants High Yield
Efficient LED Grow Lights: SP150 mounts 322 pcs@120V (360 pcs@240V) diodes, consumes only 140w electrical power, but has matching PPF output with a 250w HPS light while saving 44% electricity. Adequate PPF Output: Emitting 261umol photons per second, SP150 promises 1.8g/w yield on average with...
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Mars Hydro SP 6500 650W Led Grow Light Samsung Osram 660nm Commercial Greenhouse Growing
Superior Lighting Capability: Samsung LM301B diodes and 650w electrical consumption make the SP6500 the efficient high-penetration LED grow lights, saving 35% of power and increasing light intensity by 30% over the 1000w HPS. Exceptional PPF and Powerful Penetration: Output 1,819umol/S PPF overall...
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