Mars Hydro 6 Pieces Heavy Duty Garden Tools Set for Home Garden Enthusiasts
What you will get? Dual-purpose hoe: A versatile tool for both cultivating soil and removing weeds in the garden. Seedling transplanter: A device crafted for the precise planting of seedlings or young plants. Wide shovel: An effective tool for digging,...
$63.99 $56.99
Mars Hydro Drip Irrigation Kit 5-Gallon Bucket Watering System
Bucket Watering Drip Irrigation Kit For Indoor Plants: The combination watering kit of the 5-gallon bucket and 8-irrigator drip kit includes everything you need to run a pressure-regulated plant watering system. Cut the tubing to the exact length you need,...
$129.99 $116.99
(2 Pack) Mars Hydro Seed Starting Trays for Seed Starting Propagation Cloning Plants
Innovative Circular Enclosure Design**: Ensure optimal luminosity for germinating seeds through the transparent, sleek circular enclosure, tailored to facilitate superior light infiltration from above.  **Customizable Apex Ventilation**: The humidity within the seedling initiation trays can be managed through an aperture,...
$35.99 $29.99
Revolutionary Hydroponics: Our innovative 5-Gallon DWC Hydroponic System is now upgraded with a unique top-feed drip, ensuring your plants receive nutrient-rich water non-stop for maximum absorption and impressive growth rates.Durable Plant Buckets: The Mars Hydro 5-Gallon DWC Hydroponic System features two...
Mars Hydro 4-Layer Mesh Herb Drying Rack With Pruning Shear
Layers: 4 Diameter: 24 Inch Fits: 3x3 ft or larger grow tents Mars Hydro 4-layer mesh herb drying rack with pruning shears provides premium quality, solid stability, versatile applications, and comfortable experiences to dry and prune plant material to ideal...
$35.99 $29.99
Mars Hydro 8W 7L/min Adjustable Oxygen Pump with 4 outlets for DWC Hydroponic, Aquarium(Only Air Pump)
Powerful Airflow: The oxygen pump with a maximum airflow of 7L/min and pressure of 0.02MPa. It can easily power accessories in hydroponic systems or tanks, and build up a healthy water ecological environment.Adjustable Airflow: Designed with an adjusting knob, easily...
$45.99 $41.49
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